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He created logos for Spiegel, Revlon’s Revolutionary campaign and others. “Every assignment, I was creating a new styling for something,” he says. Maisner is also in demand for movies. Or more precisely, his hands are in demand—when Hollywood needs a closeup of a florid signature. His hands have stood in for Daniel Day-Lewis’s in the Age of Innocence and Johnny Depp’s in Sleepy Hollow, among others. The artist and his wife, Bonnie Behrman, a dancer and musician, left New York for Bay Head 20 years ago. She opened the Bay Head School of Ballet and Violin on the first floor of their Victorian home; he set up his studio on the second. Soon, Maisner’s artistic focus began to shift. “With computers, typefaces became digitized,” he says. “Everything became a font.” ผ้าปูที่นอน 7 ฟุต toto Applying his talent in a new direction, Maisner developed a line of stationery; he also creates custom cards and invitations. Earlier this year, he launched a collection of bedding sets (duvets, sheets and pillows), towels and bath mats.

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Flaneur's luxe dyed-to-order sheets and duvets allow celebrities and influencers to bring their personal style to their beds. In this modern world we live in, #iwokeuplikethis and #bedroomgoals are popular hashtags, and it’s not that surprising when someone like Channing Tatum Instagrams a black-and-white nude of his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, napping in their bed. It’s also no shock that someone recognized a gaping hole in the market for formerly utilitarian sheet sets and created a brand that’s all about bringing one’s personal style into a wardrobe for the bed. Flaneur — the French word for dreamers and idlers — is that company, offering bespoke dyed-to-order sateen sheet sets and duvet covers (from $360) that elevate the basic bed, turning it into a canvas for self-expression and creativity. From its inception, the brand — founded by former Columbia graduate school classmates Tianjiao Saikhantal Yu and Lu Xiong — has tapped into the fashion world and invited aesthetes the opportunity to customize and realize their own unique bedroom palette. They’ve collaborated — and plan to continue doing so — with interior designer and Au Fudge co-founder Estee Stanley and her Hancock Design partner Brigette Romanek (together they count such fans as Patrick Dempsey, Chris Evans, Ellen Pompeo and Lea Michele), who "dressed" a trio of beds for their first look book. Says Yu, "We were so glad to find that Estee is deeply interested in our brand and thinks Flaneur is a great match. Everything was like magic and went incredibly well. She has many splendid ideas about the colors and mix-and-matches and helped us finalize three settings — Bohemian, Modern and Grayscale — to shoot." It’s not hard to get inspired by the possibilities, and by Stanley and Romanek’s color schemes, which boldly combine hues like gold, dusty pink and deep celestial blue, or layer cypress green with barely-there mauve. Customers can pinpoint a Pantone shade for their order or shop from the art-inspired collections online. They’ve even had some send in an object to match exactly.

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But experts who study the reclusive country and defectors who have ended up in South Korea or the West have provided some clues. Kim Heung-kwang, a former computer science professor in North Korea who defected to the South in 2004 and still has sources inside North Korea, said Pyongyang's cyber attacks aimed at raising cash are likely organized by Unit 180, a part of the Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB), its main overseas intelligence agency. "Unit 180 is engaged in hacking financial institutions (by) breaching and withdrawing money out of bank accounts," Kim told Reuters. He has previously said that some of his former students have joined North Korea's Strategic Cyber Command, its cyber-army. "The hackers go overseas to find somewhere with better internet services than North Korea so as not to leave a trace," Kim added. He said it was likely they went under the cover of being employees of trading firms, overseas branches of North Korean companies, or joint ventures in China or Southeast Asia. James Lewis, a North Korea expert at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, said Pyongyang first used hacking ผ้าปูที่นอน 5 ฟุต สีพื้น as a tool for espionage and then political harassment against South Korean and U.S. targets. "They changed after Sony by using hacking to support criminal activities to generate hard currency for the regime," he said.

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